Customer service:

  • placing and service online orders,
  • viewing material order connected to internal order,
  • viewing customer's sales documents,
  • viewing customer's settlements,
  • handling customer's services.


Information flow:

  • contacts,
  • registering and acceptance of purchase invoices in flow,
  • registering and acceptance of requests in flow,
  • requests for advance payments,
  • registering and settlement of the delegation.


Business analysis:

  • manager's dashboard,
  • financial reports,
  • deviation analysis.




Staff and payroll:

  • viewing employee personnel and salary files,
  • entering and acceptance vacation schedules,
  • entering and acceptance leave requests,
  • breakdown reporting,
  • user access and roles.


Human resources:

  • filling the evaluation form,
  • showing employee evaluations,
  • organization of training,
  • support of recruitment,
  • employment planning.



  • creating sub-budgets,
  • reports,
  • registration of people and machine work (for project  account).